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Now available in the Kindle Unlimited program!

Pints & Potions
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Book 1.jpg


A magical family cursed to live without their abilities meets one powerful witch with the ability to alter the course of their lives.

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Whiskey & Witches
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Book 2.jpg


The second part of the ancient O'Malley prophecy is about to
come to pass, but old enemies are determined to keep that
from happening, at any cost!

Beer & Broomsticks
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Book 3.jpg

A new villain has emerged, and Bridget must make peace with Ruairí O'Connor if she has any hope of restoring her family's magic and staving off an attack.

InD'tale Crowned Heart.png
Cocktails & Cauldrons
2020-0005 T.M. Cromer b04.jpg
Book 4.jpg

Eoin O'Malley returns home to learn to control his new-found powers. And in an impulsive move, he brings shy Brenna Sullivan with him, securing a new enemy in the process. 

Wine & Warlocks
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Book 5.jpg


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