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Stonebrooke Book 5


On the run from an abusive husband, Katie McKeown finds more than just a warm scone and a hot cup of coffee when she stumbles into a small-town bakery. Now boasting a fulfilling job, a feisty best friend, and the attention of a flirtatious paramedic by the name of Philip “Lip” McAdams, Katie is ready to make a fresh start. 

When the shy, unassuming Katie walks into Lip’s life, he begins to rethink life as a bachelor. She is the one element he never knew he was missing. With her innocent smile and subtle humor, she brightens his life. And once he discovers her secret reason for being in Stonebrooke, he’s determined to protect her at all costs.

Katie’s sense of security is shattered as the past steps through the doors of her new workplace, threatening to destroy everything she has worked so hard to rebuild. Now she must make a stand or lose the one thing she values above all others—Lip’s love.

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