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The Thorne Witches 5 BK.png
The Thorne Witches 5 BK.png
Summer Magic_ebook Cover.jpg

Summer Thorne is willing to go toe-to-toe with the town's sexy sheriff if it means saving her animal sanctuary and protecting her family's secret. LEARN MORE

Autumn Magic_Cover_HR.jpg

One powerful witch. One warlock in training. One failed relationship between them. An old enemy knocking at the door. What could possibly go wrong? LEARN MORE

2018-0219 TM Cromer b03.jpg

What starts out as a game of revenge turns dangerous when an old enemy resurfaces. Can Winnie and Zane set aside their differences to fight this new threat or will old hurts be their downfall? LEARN MORE

Spring Magic_Cover_HR.jpg

When Spring's straightforward magical mission turns deadly, Knox is forced to go to extremes to save the only woman he's ever loved. LEARN MORE

Rekindled Magic_HR_Cover.jpg

A misunderstanding. A man wronged. A heart broken. Can they ever find their way back to each other when their enemies are determined to keep them apart? LEARN MORE

2018-0657 TM Cromer b06.jpg

He defied a goddess to bring her back. Nothing will keep this powerful warlock from the woman he loves. LEARN MORE

2019-0207 TM Cromer b07.jpg

Her spymaster husband has returned home and brought with him a danger so powerful, it has the potential to separate them forever.

2018-0658 TM Cromer b08.jpg

A cursed necklace has the power to destroy all he holds dear. Only a selfless act of love can break the spell. LEARN MORE

2019-0622 TM Cromer b09.jpg

An unknown mystical force arises and begins to drain the Thornes of their magic. It has the potential to reduce the all-powerful witches to mere mortals, making them vulnerable to their rivals. LEARN MORE

2020-0001 TM Cromer b10.jpg

When an evil enchantress awakens from her centuries-long slumber, two lovers must fight to save all they hold dear. LEARN MORE

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