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An obsessed admirer of Zack's sets out to remove the competition by any means possible. LEARN MORE

The Trouble With Lust_Alt Thin.jpg

Mason may have just found the perfect woman. But keeping her alive long enough to discover if she's "the one" may be a bit difficult.  LEARN MORE

A Love To Call Mine_Alt Thin.jpg

The love of Dane's life is about to marry another man - but not by choice! LEARN MORE

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Addie Jones is facing financial ruin and her worst enemy - MATH! Hiring Vaughn to clean up her accounts might cause more than the bakery ovens to heat up. LEARN MORE

Easter Delights.jpg

Katie's sense of security is shattered when her past walks through the door of her new workplace. With the help of the town flirt, she may find the love she's always longed for if her ex-husband doesn't find her first. LEARN MORE

Holiday Heart.jpg

With a smoking-hot landlord showing up at every turn, an old flame knocking on her door, and a stalker out to ruin her life, Fee will be lucky to make it through the holidays. LEARN MORE

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