What you may not know about Amazon product links!

March 26, 2019

Readers always ask me to provide a product link for their specific country. But I'm going to provide something better - a way for you, the reader, to quickly get the product link for your country. Here are a few quick tricks...

1. Change the .com suffix of a URL to your preferred country. For example, if you live in the United Kingdom and see a product link for a book in the USA that reads https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NLFPSNG, it's a simple matter to change the .com to .co.uk in the original URL to get your link. The link will become https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NLFPSNG.

As you can see by the examples below, the USA .com URL link was changed to the UK, Canada, and Australia URL suffix, in that order. The rest of the URL remains the same. 



2. Option two is just as easy. All books are assigned an ASIN number through Amazon. Also known as the Amazon Standard Identification Number. Basically, it's an identification number for any product they sell. Once a product is published through Amazon, that ASIN number never goes away. This is the same for books. (Believe me, I've tried to make it disappear for some of my older works. The Amazon reps assure me that's never going to happen.)

The ASIN number can be found under the PRODUCT DETAILS of the book in question. See image below.



If you copy the ASIN and paste it into the Amazon search engine for your preferred country, the book will populate for your search. 

See the images below for the UK example.




3. You can utilize an Amazon shortcut. Wait, what?! Amazon has a shortcut?! YEP! If an vendor provides you with an amzn.to link, it should take you directly to your country's Amazon product page. This is an affiliate link created for the vendor's use. You can see by the image below, that Amazon will recognize the code as that belonging to a specific product, in this case, LONG LOST MAGIC, book 6 in my Thorne Witches series. 

So if your fingers are feeling a little tired but you want to explore the Zon, just type amzn.to in the browser bar. No https:// needed. :) 



I hope you found this article helpful. Tune in next time, when I discuss online reviews. 


Peace & Peppermint Hugs,

T.M. Cromer