NY Times Bestselling Author Jill Barnett

December 12, 2015


Bio: Jill Barnett is an international bestselling author with over 8 million books in print. Published in 23 languages, audio, national and international book clubs, hardcover and large print editions, her work has earned her a place on the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, and Publishers Weekly.

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Q:  At what point did you decide to make writing a profession? What got you started in the industry?


A.  I had gone back to school in my 30s to get an accounting degree and instead headed straight for the humanities. I was an art major the first time I went after high school. A move from Southern to Northern California and my daughter's adoption had me transferring schools and juggling motherhood, school, and life. I took my daughter to the pumpkin patch in October, and as I watched her, I decided I couldn’t do it all. I had to make a choice. I chose her over getting my Masters Degree. I knew by then I wanted to write a book and had plenty of ideas. So I quit school and began writing while she was napping and in preschool. I sold my book almost 2 years to the day I quit school.


I found romance quite by accident. In the late 70s I went to a garage sale with a friend of mine and saw a book. It was about a duke and I thought I would love this. I was reading so many heavy textbooks about history and needed something to just lose myself in. So, I bought the book for 50 cents. It was Moonstruck Madness by Laurie McBain, and I fell in love with historical romance novels. (I made Alec a duke in BEWITCHING as a tribute to Lucien in McBain book.)


Q:  How long have you been writing?


A:  29 years


Q:  What is your genre?


A:  Historical romance and Women's Fiction. I also wrote a mainstream WWII novel Sentimental Journey.