USA Today Bestselling Author Tiffinie Helmer

December 2, 2015


Bio: USA Today Bestselling Author Tiffinie Helmer is always up for an adventure. Raised in Alaska, she was dragged 'Outside' by her husband, but escapes the lower forty-eight to spend her summers commercial fishing on the Bering Sea. 


A mother of four, Tiffinie divides her time between enjoying her family, throwing her acclaimed pottery, and writing of flawed characters in unique and severe situations.


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Q:  At what point did you decide to make writing a profession? What got you started in the industry? 


A:  I've always written. Growing up, writing and reading were the best escapes for an opinionated child living in a dysfunctional family. After I was married, and quickly had four children, it wasn't until my husband finally graduated from college and it was my turn to finish my education that I voiced my need to write a book. This didn't go over well at first, but I'm tenacious and eventually won over my husband. 


Q:  How long have you been writing?


A:  Toward publication, about 15 years of serious writing and learning the craft, getting involved with RWA and other writing groups.


Q:  What is your genre?


A:  Romantic suspense, contemporary, and paranormal.


Q:  If you could write in any other genre, what would it be?


A:  Thriller


Q:  Where do you get your plot ideas?


A:  I don't necessarily get plot ideas. My stories come to me with the characters. They start talking to me first. It's very organic for me as I am a very creative/artistic person. I see words as pictures. I write in pictures. I need to know my characters first and they usually inform me of what's going to happen next. As for ideas, they come to me in everything. I feel like my brain is made of stained glass, a mosaic of fractured colors and every shard is another idea waiting for its moment to shine. 


Q:  Who or what inspires you?


A:  Music inspires me as I feel emotions when listening. Movies, Daniel Craig, and nature are all things that also inspire me. 


Q:  Do you have a favorite “brain food,” a.k.a. snack food, when writing?


A:  Castelvetrano olives, I chew on them and worry the pit. I have no idea why this helps, but it does. I also love popcorn and will have popcorn for lunch while working at my computer. Both are great non-messy foods for the keyboard. Of course there is the standard chocolate that every writer needs to get through those long nights.  My favorite are dark chocolate covered almonds. Plus almonds are brain food. 


Q:  How do you approach a difficult scene? Do you tackle it head on or take time to mull it over?


A:  I throw pottery and mull it over. Since I moonlight as a potter, I will throw clay on my wheel, have music playing loud (usually Stevie Nicks)