November 22, 2015


Cindy Stark lives with her family and an adorable Border Collie in a small town shadowed by the Rocky Mountains. She loves to pen emotional romantic suspense, sexy contemporary romance, and sizzling paranormal stories. 

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Q:  At what point did you decide to make writing a profession? What got you started in the industry?


A:  I’d hoped to make writing my profession since the beginning. To me, there’s nothing better than be paid for doing what you love. After being an avid reader for years, I decided to try my hand at penning stories. I’ve always loved creating stories out of the crazy thoughts swirling in my head, so I decided to try the much harder process of getting them down on paper. 


Q:  How long have you been writing?


A:  For forever. Okay, really it’s only been fifteen years, but I can’t remember not writing. I’m so grateful I took a chance and made it part of my life. I met my best friends through writing, and I’m continuing to meet and make new friends with people all around the world. Storytelling will always be a great way to bring people together, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.


Q:  What is your genre?

A:  I write in several genres. Most of my books are sexy contemporary romance with small town settings. I also love to pen romantic suspense stories. Recently, I’ve co-written the Which Witch is Which? series with three other authors and found I have a love for paranormal romance as well.


Q:  If you could write in any other genre, what would it be?

A:  I’m envious of those who write historical romance. I’d love to try my hand at it, but I’m afraid I’d get too many of the details incorrect. I’ll have to settle reading their incredible stories instead.


Q:  Where do you get your plot ideas?

A:  My plot ideas come from everywhere. It might be something someone says. A book or a movie that inspires a character or scene. Usually a specific scene forms in my mind, and I build the character and story around that. I love to play the “what if” game and go from there.


Q:  Who or what inspires you? 

A:  My daughters inspire me to show them how to be a strong woman who follows her dreams. Also, I admire those who do what they love despite their fears.


Q:  Do you have a favorite “brain food,” a.k.a. snack food, when writing?


A:  Starbucks Chai Tea Latte. I’m a total addict.


Q:  How do you approach a difficult scene? Do you tackle it head on or take time to mull it over?

A:  I find I do better if I tackle a tough scene head on. I give myself permission to write that “shitty first draft” as Anne Lamott says. Once I have something, anything on the screen, I can analyze, tear it apart, and rebuild it into something that speaks to me.


Q:  In general, how many drafts and edits do you go through per novel?


A:  I’m usually happy with my story by the time I do two drafts and three to four edits. My drafts and first edits are time-consuming where I’m building and tweaking scenes and characters. During the last two edits, I concentrate on word choice, grammar and flow. By the time I finish all of those, I’m quite sick of my story and ready to send it out into the universe.


Q:  Because the writing process is all-consuming, how do you re-energize yourself and gear up for the next novel? Do you take time off? 


A:  I always tell myself I’m going to indulge and take a week or two off after each book, but that usually last a couple of days. Then new characters start talking, and I pretend I’ll just play with them for a bit. Next thing I know, I’m right back in the thick of things and on a new adventure.


Q:  What book(s) do you currently have for sale? 


A:  I currently have twenty books available along with several boxed sets, some of which are compilations of my work along with other authors. 


My latest books are:


I’m With You (Aspen Series Book Nine)  


Zoe Cassidy’s just bought her dream home. Only her childhood archenemy and the bane of her existence has a deed that looks just like hers. And though she'd rather die than get close to Asher Campbell, the two will have to work together to find the old man who cheated them. 

But even if they catch the old crook, which one of them will get to keep the house? Because she's sure as hell not going to share with the man who’s bedeviled her for years.