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The Thorne Witches - Book 6

ISBN - 978-1-7338198-2-4


Nothing will keep this powerful warlock from the woman he calls his own.


He defied a goddess to bring her back.


After searching nearly twenty years for the magical means to revive the love of his life from stasis, Alastair resorts to forbidden magic. But the hard-edged stranger he’s brought back bears no resemblance to the woman he once knew.


The price was the loss of her soul.


Rorie wakes to find the world has moved on in the years she’s been asleep. Nothing is familiar, and the man she once called lover seems cold and withdrawn. With a good portion of her former self missing, she finds the connection to her soulmate severed.


He’ll stop at nothing to win her back.


Alastair is determined to restore to Rorie all she’s lost—the missing parts of her soul, her ancestral home, and a wayward brother—even if he puts himself in the crosshairs of his greatest enemy to do it.

*Recommended for 18 years or above due to adult language and content.

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