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The Thorne Witches - Book 7

ISBN - 978-1-7338198-5-5



His perceived betrayal cut deep.


Tasked with a mission to seduce another for information, Ryker broke trust with his new wife. He’s paid the price every day since.


Just as GiGi is ready to move on with her life, her husband decides to give up his commission with the Witches’ Council in an effort to salvage what’s left of their relationship.

Danger follows wherever he goes.

The enemies he’s made over the years aren’t quite ready for Ryker to quit the spy game. With his return, Ryker has inadvertently put a target on GiGi’s back. Now they must work together to outwit their common foe or face a separation far more permanent.

*Recommended for 18 years or above due to adult language and content.

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