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Beer & Broomsticks

Book 3: The Unlucky Charms

About the Book

A new villain has emerged, and Bridget must make peace with Ruairí O’Connor if she has any hope of restoring her family’s magic and staving off an attack.

When the Enemy at the Gate is welcomed by the Keeper of the Sword, all that is lost shall be restored…

Bridget O’Malley has a love-hate relationship with her irritating neighbor, Ruairí O’Connor. In their youth, he’d promised her the moon and stars, but in a shocking move, he betrayed her. When she finds out he’s the final piece of the puzzle she needs to restore her family’s magic, she’s fit to be tied. Bridget would rather eat nine-inch galvanized nails than have anything to do with the super-sexy, sweet-talking Ruairí ever again. And she’s sure as hell not going to fall for his devilish charm and wicked grin a second time.

Ruairí O’Connor had been taught to despise the O’Malleys from birth, but it only took a single glimpse of Bridget’s enchanting smile, and he lost his heart forever. His foolish plan to get her to run away with him and escape their feuding families backfired, and he’s been dealing with the fallout ever since. Desperate to regain Bridget’s love, he plans to return to her what was stolen, hoping she’ll forgive him for his boneheaded mistake of the past.

When power-hungry Loman O’Connor arrives on the scene determined to retrieve the magical weapon that gives him his undefeatable abilities, Bridget and Ruairí must set aside the past and come together to fulfill the final part of an ancient prophecy. They are going to need a little luck, a lot of forgiveness, a clever plan, and perhaps some divine intervention to outsmart a devious warlock like Loman and break the O’Malley curse.

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Publishing Details

Published: August 9, 2022
Publisher: Fae Press
Formats: EbookPaperbackHardcoverLarge Print
ISBN-10: 1956941134 (paperback), 1956941126 (large print)ISBN-13: 978-1956941135 (paperback), 978-1956941128 (large print)ASIN: B09J4QHN9Q
Genres & Tropes
Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Urban Fantasy, Magic, Magical Realism, Witch