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Spring Magic

Book 4: The Thorne Witches

About the Book

What starts as a straightforward magical mission turns deadly.

Spring Thorne’s life is a mess. The man Spring loves seems to loathe her, family enemies are coming out of the woodwork, and her mother remains in a twenty-year stasis, waiting on ancient artifacts to revive her. When Spring’s uncle asks her to retrieve one of the final two objects, she jumps at the chance—until she finds out dear old Uncle Alastair has also recruited Knox Carlyle; the recent bane of her not-so-idyllic existence.

Knox Carlyle avoids Spring at all costs. Since the day she became an adult, she’s made it her mission to attract his notice. He refuses to allow himself to love her, believing his dark past eliminates any chance they have to be together. But with every look, every touch, his hard-won determination weakens.

With an army of Désorcelers determined to capture or kill witches at every turn, Knox is compelled to protect Spring from her own stubborn tendency to charge into trouble even if it means following her to South America to retrieve a powerful amulet. But when Knox fails to protect Spring, he is forced to go to extremes in order to save the only woman he’s ever loved.

* Recommended for 18 years or above due to adult language and content.

WARNING: While it’s not the main theme of this story, this book briefly includes drug addiction, physical abuse, and sexual assault. If these are triggers for you, you may want to avoid this story or skip ahead in the book. I promise there is a satisfying HEA awaiting you. 🙂 It is the only Thorne Witches book that addresses these issues, so feel free to read the next in series without worries.


Audiobook Cover: Spring Magic by T.M. Cromer


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Narrator: Abby Craden
Format: Unabridged
Runtime: 6h 46m

Publishing Details

Published: December 11, 2018
Publisher: Fae Press
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook
ISBN-10: 1732701369ISBN-13: 978-1732701366ASIN: B07HHH39SX
Genres & Tropes
Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Mystery, Supernatural Romance, Supernatural Suspense, Fated Mates, Childhood Sweethearts