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The Holt Family Bundle

Books 1-4

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Dive into the sun-kissed world of the Holts…

In this sizzling-hot, emotionally-charged series, you’ll follow one family’s journey as they navigate the treacherous tides of life and love. With each book, you’ll be drawn deeper into their captivating stories, sharing in their trials and triumphs. 

Warning! These stories are packed with a whole lot of snark, steam, and unforeseen plot twists. If you’re good with that, get started reading today!

Available in this ebook bundle:

Finding You (book 1)

She didn’t see this one coming.

Samantha Holt had the perfect relationship—until one day she didn’t. For a woman with psychic abilities, she definitely missed the important signs leading to her boyfriend’s tragic accident. One day she is blissfully happy; the next, her world is turned upside down.

It takes two interminable years to rebuild her life, and despite a new love interest, she can’t rest until she learns the truth. Her persistent inner voice won’t stop until she takes a trip to the city where all her romantic dreams were so ruthlessly crushed.

Could a stranger be the key to discovering the answers she needs to move forward?

A chance encounter makes Samantha question what really happened that day so long ago. Forced to delve into the mystery of her soulmate’s disappearance or accept the new love that life has offered her, Samantha faces a difficult decision.

This Time You (book 2) 

He’s been obsessed with her in every lifetime. Will recognition come too late?

She recalls the past.

Margaret Holt is just an everyday, average mother of three—with one exception; she has the ability to remember her past lives. When Gabriel James moves in next door, she immediately recognizes him from an ardent—but disastrous—affair in another lifetime. Despite an intense attraction to him, she feels reawakening their passion could mean reliving their pain.

He lives for the present.

Gabriel can’t explain his fascination with Margaret or why she’s haunted his every waking thought from the moment he set eyes on her. Everything from her messy-bun head to her food-stained shirt screams hot mess. Yet, commitment-averse Gabriel finds himself drawn back into her sphere time and again.

This time, can they avert the fated disaster?

Just as their relationship heats up, so does the danger surrounding Margaret. Another man has fixated on her and is determined to claim her for his own this time around. He’ll stop at nothing to have her—even if it means eliminating Gabriel.

Including You (book 3)

Danger stalked her at every turn. She just didn’t know it.

New father Ty Jensen is in dire need of a nanny for his motherless infant. So when rainbow-haired Lana Martell shows up late for her interview, against his better judgment, he hires her on the spot. Ty finds himself falling hard and fast for his feisty employee.

Sassy Lana Martell has a penchant for attracting trouble. One look at her frazzled employer and she knows her heart is in jeopardy. She also understands starting something with Ty could have her back at the bus stop with a one-way ticket to royally screwed.

As passion flares between this single father and his sexy nanny, an unexpected threat emerges to destroy the new life they’ve created. Their love for each other is tested, and in the end, it comes down to one question… can Ty save Lana before she falls victim to the evil from her past?

After You (book 4)

Saving his life might have ruined hers.

Annie Holt is a loner by nature and lives on the fringe of society by necessity. After a messy divorce, she’s determined to take a much-needed vacation. But her empathic ability makes the crowded airport torturous, and the interminable wait quickly becomes a living nightmare.

On hiatus from filming, famous actor Quinn Jensen is traveling to Sint Maarten for the Christmas holiday. During an ill-fated wait, he meets a courageous woman who risks her life to save others and upends his with a single freaky prediction.

As Annie lies bedbound, she and Quinn form a fast friendship. One that stirs up resentment from others as their unlikely romance builds and hidden truths are revealed. Before long, Annie becomes a sitting target. Now, Quinn races the clock to help find her would-be assassin and stop them from hurting the woman who has stolen his heart forever.

* Recommended for 18 years or above due to adult language and content.

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Published: November 16, 2023
Publisher: Fae Press
Pages: 1,263
Formats: Ebook