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Hidden Resolution

Book 2: Stonebrooke

About the Book

Love is off the table, but a carefree dalliance is always on Mason’s menu.

Relationship-adverse Mason Sharp believes he’s found the perfect woman for a bit of fun in the sun in Shonda Grant. What he’s really found is a hot mess!

It only takes one look at Mason, and Shonda’s internal alarm screams, “Danger, Will Robinson!” Although she’s up for the challenge, navigating the tricky waters of affection is much more difficult when a sinister threat lurks in the shadows. After Shonda’s paradise suite is ransacked, they’re thrust headfirst into peril. 

As Mason battles his ever-growing affection for Shonda, their quest for answers propels them into a world of corporate espionage and pits them against a person willing to go to any lengths to keep from being exposed. Now, they must outwit the orchestrator of this perilous chess match before it’s game over.

This book is a re-release of the original 2016 THE TROUBLE WITH LUST by T.M. Cromer.



Publishing Details

Published: Reissue Expected November 2024!
Publisher: Fae Press
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-956941-50-0
Genres & Tropes
Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance