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The Aether

Book 1: Sentinels of Magic

About the Book

In a world where magic and the mundane coexist, Damian Dethridge, known as the Aether, possesses the power to manipulate and redistribute magical energies. From a young age, he’s been responsible for maintaining the balance among the witch community. However, his extraordinary abilities attract unsavory characters, working to destroy his family from within.

Estranged from her husband by another’s machinations, Vivian is miserable. Finally able to see the truth through the lies, she realizes the depth of her feelings when Damian risks his life to save hers. However, reconciling their relationship is challenging, especially with his emotional distance and a new commitment to the Authority, which keeps drawing him further away from home.

As an Arcane Devourer thriving on chaos, Morcant Thywyll wields powers capable of consuming Damian and those around him. Lured by a potentially more potent magic, Morcant targets the Aether’s daughter. If he can siphon her unrivaled abilities by feeding her youthful fears, he might just live forever.

Unable to stop Morcant on his own, Damian calls on the rag-tag group of Sentinels he’s promised to oversee to help him neutralize the threat. He’ll stop at nothing to protect his daughter, and somewhere in all the madness, he’s got to convince Vivian he loves her. Because if Morcant wins, Damian’s world will be plunged into eternal darkness.

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Published: November 14, 2023
Publisher: Fae Press
Formats: EbookPaperbackHardcoverLarge Print
ISBN-13: 9781956941142ASIN: B0BJMPCQHP
Genres & Tropes
Magical Realism, Paranormal Romance, Wizards, Witches, Fantasy Romance, Second Chance Romance, Fated Mates