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Return Home

Book 2: Fiore Vineyard Series

About the Book

Valentine Fiore has worked hard to convince himself he’s over his first love, Ashley, and the pain she caused by choosing her career over their relationship. Yet the moment she steps back into his life, all the old feelings return; desire, hurt, betrayal. He is determined to stay a safe distance from the woman who once crushed his heart—at all costs!

For model Ashley Reynolds, the idea of returning home to the small California town of St. Helena is bittersweet. Seven years ago, she left to pursue her career, leaving behind the one man who she thought would be her forever. But when the owner of Fiore Vineyard contracts her to appear in their commercials, she comes running. Refusing the matriarch of the Fiore family isn’t an option.

As usual, life’s best-laid plans go astray, and fate has a different goal in mind for Val and Ashley. Time after time, the two are thrown together. Tempers erupt, passions reignite and resolves weaken. Can they recapture what they once had, or is there too much past baggage ready to destroy their last chance at a happily ever after?

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Publishing Details

Published: August 2, 2018
Publisher: Fae Press
Pages: 106
Formats: Ebook
ISBN-13: 978-1-956941-23-4ASIN: B07G513WCK
Genres & Tropes
Contemporary Romance, Humorous Romance, Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Work Romance