Fiore Vineyard Series Boxed Set | Contemporary Romance | Author T.M. Cromer

Fiore Vineyard Series Boxed Set

Books 1-3

About the Book

The Fiore Vineyard Series Boxed Set features the first three books in the contemporary romance book series by T.M. Cromer.

Picture This kicks off this series, filled with humorous characters and snappy dialogue in a fast-paced, fun story that you’re sure to love.

Book 1: Picture This

Hope Fiore is happy with her existing life in the small town of St. Helena, CA. As the marketing director for her family’s vineyard, she doesn’t have time for romance. Even if she did, with the Fiore family curse in play, she doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in Hades of ever having a successful relationship.

Enter Royce Anderson—a New Yorker with laughing eyes, a charming smile, and a playboy attitude. After only one day in town, he runs afoul of the Fiore family and has had nothing but bad luck. Injured and out of sorts, he’s helpless to resist his attraction to Hope.

As Hope and Royce embark on a romance, they know it can only be temporary. Yet, as their relationship heats up and emotions run high, they start to believe it might just be possible to be the first in the Fiore family’s history to have a lasting relationship.

Book 2: Return Home

For model Ashley Reynolds, the idea of returning home to the small California town of St. Helena is bittersweet. Seven years ago, she left to pursue her career, leaving behind the one man who she thought would be her forever. But when the owner of Fiore Vineyard contracts her to appear in their commercials, she comes running. Refusing the matriarch of the Fiore family isn’t an option.

Valentine Fiore has worked hard to convince himself he’s over Ashley and the pain she caused by choosing her career over their relationship. Yet the moment she steps back into his life, all the old feelings return; desire, hurt, betrayal. He is determined to stay a safe distance from the woman who once crushed his heart—at all costs!

As usual, life’s best-laid plans go astray, and fate has a different goal in mind for Val and Ashley. Time after time, the two are thrown together. Tempers erupt, passions reignite and resolves weaken. Can they recapture what they once had, or is there too much past baggage ready to destroy their last chance at a happily ever after?

Book 3: One Wish

Faith Fiore has never had the best of luck with relationships. Perhaps her nickname ‘Filterless Faith’ has something to do with it. Known as the town weirdo, she goes about her life pretending her loneliness doesn’t matter, all the while longing for a deep, abiding love.

All that matters to loner Rand Crandall is his accounting firm. Circumstances in his past have proved he’s unlovable, and he has no time, nor inclination, for relationships of any kind. But his hard-core professionalism is tested when Filterless Faith Fiore walks into his office and sparks his desire along with his interest.

When money goes missing from the Fiore Vineyard account, Faith turns to Rand to help discover the culprit. Passions ignite, and the foundation of their beliefs is shaken. Can they work together toward the one true love they each secretly long for, or will their differences tear them apart?

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Publishing Details

Published: April 24, 2020
Publisher: Fae Press
Formats: Ebook
ASIN: B087N24YW2
Genres & Tropes
Contemporary Romance