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As passion flares between this single father and his sexy nanny, an unexpected threat emerges to destroy the new life they’ve created. Their love for each other is tested, and in the end, it comes down to one question... can Ty save Lana before she falls victim to the evil from her past?


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If you love romantic suspense, you'll dig this series. :)

When an evil enchantress awakens from her centuries-long slumber, two lovers must fight to save all they hold dear.


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If you love witchy romance, you'll love this series!

InD'tale Crowned Heart Review Recipient


He’s been obsessed with her in every lifetime. Will recognition come too late?


Margaret Holt is just an everyday, average mother of three—with one exception; she has the ability to remember her past lives. When Gabriel James moves in next door, she immediately recognizes him from an ardent—but disastrous—affair in another lifetime. Despite an intense attraction to him, she feels reawakening their passion could mean reliving their pain.


Just as their relationship heats up, so does the danger surrounding Margaret. Another man has fixated on her and is determined to claim her for his own this time around. He’ll stop at nothing to have her—even if it means eliminating Gabriel.


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If you love romantic suspense, you'll love this series!

InD'tale Crowned Heart Review Recipient


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